Meramec Caverns, Stanton

1135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080
+1 (573) 468-2283
Updated February 9, 2021

Since 1935 Meramec Caverns have been allowing road weary travellers to cool off beneath the rolling hills of the Meramec Valley in their 7.4km cavern system. Formed over millions of years the caverns are home to a colorful complex of rare and unique mineral formations.

Trained rangers will guide you through well-lit walkways as you explore some of the rarest and largest cave formations in the world including the famous "Wine Room", "Mirror Room" and "Ball Room".

Legend has it that Jesse James used these caverns as a hideout in the 1870s, making use of the underground river to make a hasty escape through the “back door”!

In 1960, Meramec Caverns began to rent billboard space in the caverns. The owners claimed this was the only underground billboard in the world!

These days the caverns themselves aren't the only attraction and visitors can also opt to explore the Meramec River by riverboat, kayak or raft, and if heights don't bother you why not take on the climbing wall or zipwire adventure!

Meramec Caverns is a popular vacation stop along Route 66 and well worth a visit.

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1135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080
+1 (573) 468-2283
Listing updated February 9, 2021

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