Judy's Place, Devils Elbow

21754 Teardrop Rd, Devils Elbow, MO 65457
Updated February 6, 2021

Follow Route 66 to Judy's Place - a home town bar serving beer and wine. Judy's welcoming and fun atmosphere has proven popular with many a Route 66 traveler that has stopped off for a cold beer and a game of pool!

Judy's Place is a fun local bar with that "everybody knows your name" vibe, be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page as they often have live music and karaoke evenings.

In 1941 Devils Elbow itself was named "one of the Seven Beauty Spots of Missouri" and an old postcard promoted it as the place "Where the Main street of America winds its way through one of the most scenic areas in the Ozark region".

One of Judy's Place's greatest assets are its bartenders who are friendly and fun - one visit and you will feel right at home. Highly recommended.

"Such a fantastic, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We are considering making the journey there again!!"

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Nicola Beacham, UK
21754 Teardrop Rd, Devils Elbow, MO 65457
+1 (573) 336-4727
Listing updated February 6, 2021

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