Route 66 Maps  

A collection of Route 66 maps created using Google Maps. The maps will open in a browser window or the Google Maps app depending on your device. Scroll further below the maps to find additional detail for each state.
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Each of the Route 66 maps below has been divided into sections to allow you to focus on one chunk at a time. Each section may be enabled or disabled at any time using the checkboxes provided.

Where appropriate alternative or optional alignments are also included - these may also be enabled/disabled at any point. Route 66 has existed in many different alignments and therefore there is no single way of making this trip.

These maps are based on the "EZ66 Guide for Travelers" and therefore conform to Jerry McClanahan's philosophy of a fun, easy to follow tour. Each state map is based on the East to West journey and there will be some amendments needed in order to travel West to East (all of which are detailed in the EZ66 Guide and I urge everyone to get a copy).

The EZ66 Guide includes a thorough and detailed account of every step of the journey - including many alternate alignments - and highlights many of the must-see attractions and motels along the way.

  Additional Detail  

Illinois Route 66 Map

The Illinois Route 66 road map is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Chicago to Wilmington
  2. Wilmington to Pontiac
  3. Pontiac to Bloomington
  4. Bloomington to Springfield
  5. Springfield to New Chain of Rocks Bridge

Mostly post-1930 alignment. A minor Google Maps error forces the driver onto the I-270 half a mile earlier than should be the case.

Includes an optional 1926-1930 alignment via Carlinville.

Missouri Route 66 Map

The Missouri Route 66 road map is divided into 4 sections:

  1. New Chain of Rocks Bridge to Staunton
  2. Staunton to Waynesville
  3. Waynesville to Springfield
  4. Springfield to Galena (KS)

It is mostly post-1930 alignment although it does follow older alignments through Springfield and Joplin.

Includes and optional 1926-1932 alignment through St Louis.

Kansas Route 66 Map

The Kansas Route 66 road map is a single section.

It incorporates the detour across Rainbow Bridge and the older '66 option south of Baxter Springs.

Oklahoma Route 66 Map

The Oklahoma Route 66 road map is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Baxter Springs (KS) to Claremore
  2. Claremore to Stroud
  3. Stroud to El Reno
  4. El Reno to Canute
  5. Canute to Texola

The optional pre-1937 alignment south of Miami (known as 9-Foot Hwy) is quite rough and gravelly. Heavy vehicles should avoid so as to preserve the fragile surface.

Includes an optional pre-1937 alignment west of El Reno.

Texas Route 66 Map

The Texas Route 66 road map is divided into 2 sections:

  1. Texola (OK) to Amarillo
  2. Amarillo to Glenrio

The optional pre-1932 alignment west of McLean is a gravel/dirt surface and should be avoided when wet.

New Mexico Route 66 Map

The Route 66 road map through New Mexico takes the pre-1937 path through Santa Fe. It is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Glenrio to Santa Rosa
  2. Santa Rosa to Albuquerque
  3. Albuquerque to Grants
  4. Grants to Lupton

There is a short path near Laguna that Google will not recognise as a passable road. I have indicated this section with a red path.

The optional pre-1950s alignment is an 18 mile unpaved stretch of '66 of gravel/dirt. A very scenic and peaceful drive - avoid when muddy. The optional post-1937 alignment west of Santa Rosa is for those who wish to bypass Santa Fe.

Arizona Route 66 Map

The Route 66 road map through Arizona is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Lupton to Winslow
  2. Winslow to Kingman
  3. Kingman to Topock

The optional post-1931 alignment is a dirt stretch of route 66 - avoid when wet.

The optional post-1952 alignment is recommended for RVs and those who wish to bypass the Oatman Hwy - a recommended but very winding road flanked by steep drops.

Includes a pre-1941 alignment west of Flagstaff.

California Route 66 Map

The Route 66 road map through California is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Topock to Barstow
  2. Barstow to Pasadena
  3. Pasadena to Santa Monica

The final section of the map passes through the "post-1936" terminus at the intersection of Lincoln Blvd and Olympic Blvd, and the "unofficial" terminus at the junction of Santa Monica Blvd and Ocean Ave.

To reach the original terminus in downtown LA follow the OPTIONAL 1926-1931 ALIGNMENT.

Thanks to Scott Peotrowski for his advice on the various alignments in Los Angeles.

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