Henry's Rabbit Ranch, Staunton

1107 Historic Old Rte 66, Staunton, IL 62088
Updated February 5, 2021

Henry's Rabbit Ranch is a unique Route 66 tourist centre based in a replica vintage gas station surrounded by rusted pumps and dozens of Volkswagen Rabbits in various states of dilapidation. Those aren't the only rabbits though as you soon find when you enter the center!

Upon entry you'll find about a dozen more rabbits - of the floppy eared kind - living amid the Route 66 memorabilia! You'll find a great selection of Route 66 gift and collectible items here as well as a warm welcome from owner Rich Henry.

A perfect example of Route 66 kitsch with it's "Hare it is" signage, Henry's Rabbit Ranch is a business totally in-keeping with the spirit of the Route 66 revival in recent years.

A great souvenir shop, site for numerous of photo opportunities and all round feel-good stop. Well worth a visit!

"We stop and visit with Rich Henry and his bunnies every year, regardless of whether we have a trip planned or not. He's such a great ambassador for Route 66 and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet."

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Scott Leitner, US
1107 Historic Old Rte 66, Staunton, IL 62088
+1 (618) 635-5655
Listing updated February 5, 2021

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