Bunyon Giant, Atlanta

103 SW Arch St, Atlanta, IL 61723
Updated August 12, 2023

The Bunyon Giant takes its place as the second of the state's iconic "brothers". Similar to the distinguished Gemini Giant that precedes it, this colossal figure once belonged to the illustrious clan of "muffler men" originally employed to promote automotive services on the route. These larger-than-life fiberglass statues have become a distinctive part of Americana, particularly along historic highways like Route 66.

In the case of the Bunyon Giant in Illinois, the sculpture underwent a transformation that added to its unique charm. Over time, this particular muffler man was repurposed to hold a massive hot-dog as it once proudly graced the exterior of "Bunyon's" restaurant in Cicero, Illinois.

With the closure of "Bunyon's" restaurant in 2003, the sculpture was relocated to Atlanta, a move that allowed it to continue its presence along the iconic Route 66. As a nostalgic symbol of America's roadside culture and history, the Bunyon Giant remains an enduring piece of art that connects the past with the present, inviting people to explore the stories and memories of the open road.

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103 SW Arch St, Atlanta, IL 61723
Listing updated August 12, 2023

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