Wigwam Motel, Holbrook

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook is one of only three surviving "Wigwam Villages" in the US and one of two situated on Route 66 (the other being in Rialto, CA).

The term "iconic" can be overly used when discussing Route 66 but in this instance is wholly deserved. Each "room" is a huge concrete tee-pee and has a genuine vintage car parked outside.

The tee-pees are deceptively large - mine contained two double beds, a TV and full bathroom with shower.

The area was peaceful and after a short walk to stretch the legs my wife and I settled in for the night with wine and chocs. I won't be driving Route 66 without a stay at The Wigwam Hotel.


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    1. I loved it too when we stayed there in August (2011). It was so exciting to be in a concrete wigwam. The shower was on the small side but I had to have one just so I could say I'd showered in a wigwam. I'll never forget sitting outside it at 6.00 in the morning listening to the trains rumbling past, enjoying the hot sunshine and thinking about our day ahead on Route 66. Another highlight was eating (twice cos it was so good) at Joe and Aggies just down the road.

  1. I just stayed here this weekend and loved it! The heater kept our room nice and toasty, the bed was comfortable and the shower was hot. At night it's so quiet you can hear the trains rolling through town. And their vintage car collection is amazing. I will happily stay here again!

  2. We also stayed at the Wigwam in August and it was part of an unforgetable journey. The Wigwam is a part of American roadie folklore. Sitting outside our Wigwam under the beautiful and cool Arizona evening sky, tipping back a few cold ones and chatting it up with our fellow roadies was a memory I'll keep forever.

  3. We also stayed at the Wigwam Motel on July 2013. I must say it was a fantastic experience, how often do you get the chance to stay in a wigwam especially coming from Scotland. The tepee. The 1950's cars, everything about the place was fantastic we had dinner that evening at a wee steak house just down the road from our motel where we met other route 66 travellers from France that we previously met on our wonderful route 66 adventure, the whole journey from start to finish is something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

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