How did Route 66 Tourism Develop?

Origins of Route 66 In the 1930's, particularly during the dry, arid years of the "dustbowl", Route 66 was the primary thoroughfare for those who migrated west in search of agricultural work, and the volume of traffic was sufficient to support the economy of the many small towns through which it passed. By the time […]

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What is Route 66?

What is Route 66? Most of us have an awareness of the image of Route 66 in popular culture, but fewer would be able to describe the origins of this iconic road. Hopefully this article will provide a bit of background on the history and resurgence of the "mother road"... Origins of Route 66 Route […]

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What is the Best Time of Year to Drive Route 66?

This question of "what is the best time of year to drive route 66" gets asked a lot, but there's no simple answer. A member of the Facebook group recently came out with this little gem: "anytime between January and December"! However, as correct as that answer is, it doesn't help you make a decision […]

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5 Top Guidebooks for Planning Your Route 66 Road Trip

For me, the process of planning my Route 66 road trip was a large part of the whole experience. I was 28 years old, knew next to nothing about Route 66 and had never been to the US before - the whole experience was new and exciting. When my wife and I made the decision […]

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