Route 66 Midpoint, Adrian

305 W Historic Rte 66, Adrian, TX 79001
Updated February 20, 2017

Named after an early settler in the area (Adrian Cullen), Adrian marks the "geo-mathematical" midpoint of Route 66. A well-photographed sign proudly states it's position as being exactly 1,139 miles from both Los Angeles and Chicago.

If you are traveling East to West the Midpoint sign will be on your right, directly opposite the Midpoint Cafe. Many travelers will stop here to take a photo with the sign, and those arriving after dark will park opposite to illuminate the sign with the headlights.

Aside from being a fantastic photo-op, Adrian, Texas, is also a great place to leave your vehicle and stretch your legs. As previously mentioned, you're right next to the Midpoint Cafe, one of the oldest continually-operating cafes on Route 66. Famous for it's homemade "Midpoint Ugly Pies", the Midpoint Cafe also serves delicious breakfasts and hamburgers. Also on the main street is the now-closed and neglected Bent Door Trading Post - a previously thriving tourist stop that has since now closed and falling to neglect can be found in Adrian. Once a bustling tourist stop on the mother road, it still boasts a sign stating the mileage to various points along Route 66.

The midpoint sign in Adrian is an essential photo-op for any Route 66 road trip!

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305 W Historic Rte 66, Adrian, TX 79001
+1 (806) 538-6379
Listing updated February 20, 2017

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