Munger Moss Motel, Lebanon

1336 US Route 66, Lebanon, MO 65536
+1 (417) 532-3111
Updated February 21, 2017

The Munger Moss in Lebanon, Missouri, has been a real icon of old route 66 since the 1940's and well worth a stop.

It's a great choice for the price and you get the added bonus of meeting Ramona - the owner since 1971! Ramona made my wife and I feel so welcome and is more than happy to share a few stories of the old road. Check-in is very simple and because you pay up front there's no fuss with checking out; all you do is drop off the key and you're back on the road. Rather memorably, whilst dropping off the key, Ramona came out from behind her desk and gave me a hug to see me on my way - now how many motels can boast such a service?!

There are special themed rooms at the Munger Moss and if you're lucky there'll be one free on your visit. We were fortunate enough to stay in the Route 66 Room which was adorned with images spanning the whole journey - fantastic! The motel also features a gift shop and swimming pool.

The Munger Moss’s iconic neon sign was restored in 2010 and is a shining example of the retro neon to be seen along Route 66.

For a really personal and memorable Route 66 experience I can't recommend this place enough.

Recommended by 
Steve Bellamy, Wales
1336 US Route 66, Lebanon, MO 65536
+1 (417) 532-3111
Listing updated February 21, 2017

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