Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza, Tulsa

Southwest Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74127
Updated April 2, 2017

Cyrus Avery is often credited as the "Father of Route 66" for both his work in creating the route whilst a member of the Federal Highway System, and for his role is establishing the US Highway 66 Association in order to pave and promote the route. The Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza, located on Southwest Boulevard at Riverside Drive in Tulsa, aims to celebrate and recognise this achievement.

The Plaza features the flags of the eight states of Route 66, the Route 66 Skywalk (with its zig-zag art-deco style and familiar logo), a park, a pedestrian walk way over route 66, and several bronze statues including a land-run horse and wagon, and an old automobile featuring Will Rogers. The plaza itself contains the giant symbolic sculpture of the intersection of a car and a horse-drawn wagon. On top of the obvious symbolism on display, the bronze sculptures themselves are amazingly detailed in their own right and well worth a look.

The plaza is a great place to pull over and stretch your legs whilst also making for many excellent photo opportunities. There's free parking adjacent to the pedestrian bridge that crosses 11th Street.

Future plans will see a new visitor’s center and the Route 66 Interpretive Center, featuring Route 66 exhibits, historical perspectives, restaurants and gift shop.

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Roger Bartkowikz, USA
Southwest Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74127
Listing updated April 2, 2017

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