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It’s also a great place to acquire original Route 66 clothing, artwork and photography.

Ken Turmel – Route 66 Postmark Art

Ken TurmelThe first and original Historic Route 66 Artwork Document that travelled city to city during a two year adventure along the entire length of the Mother Road from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Noted landrunner and postmark artist, Ken Turmel, accumulated over 28,600 miles of cross-country travel in order to acquire all of the special commemorative “pictorial postmarks” on Route 66, that were officially issued by the U.S. Postal Service during the 70th Anniversary of Route 66, from 1995 to 1997. Many of these postmarks are no longer available. One post office in particular, in Cadiz, CA. has already closed down, and its postmark is now lost in time. It is very possible that more post offices will close their doors in the future. This was the historic importance of capturing all of the Route 66 postmarks onto one piece of art, during the last years of the 1900’s.

Route 66 Postmark Art

Each limited edition lithograph reproduction is created in full colour and actual size of the original artwork. Less than 500 prints remain available in the series. Don’t miss out.

Obtain your own personal historic milestone limited edition print today:

His website is home to other artworks of state and historic regions in America.

You can also show your appreciation of Ken’s work over on Facebook.

Route 66 Postmark Art

Frank Gifford – Rt66Pix

Put on some road-music and go surfing down Route 66!  Enjoy road icons like the Chain of Rocks Bridge, Blue Whale of Catoosa, Pops, and Blue Swallow Motel – all shown in fresh new ways – plus scenes that have been overlooked for 80 years. Oh, and be prepared for an occasional outrageous caption that may figure into a trivia question later.

Route 66 becomes a very long work of art at  Photographer Frank Gifford (no relation to the ex-football player) showcases its icons, signs, ruins, vehicles and people in more than 1,000 Route 66 images. All are exclusively available through the site as art-quality photographs, and more than half are captioned for T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise.

You can literally spend hours exploring a wealth of American road, car, gas station and sign photographs in full-screen beauty. The neon section alone has more than 100 images.  Plus there’s a Blog with extensive travel and photographic information, even a “Fun!” section with loopy road-questions.

Frank Gifford – Rt66Pix rt66pix1

Stefanie Poteet – Retro Roadside Photography

Stefanie Poteet photographyIn Stefanie’s own words…

“In the summer of 2009 I took my first trip down part of Route 66. I discovered the Supai Motel and fell in love. I have been chasing neon signs ever since hoping to capture the beauty and art of the Mother Road and it’s era.”

Stefanie’s has a great talent for spotting what makes a beautiful image. There’s not an image in her Route 66 collection that I wouldn’t hang in my home – fantastic!

Check out Stefanie’s work here.

Stefanie Poteet photographyStefanie Poteet photography