Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

In 1974, an instantly recognisable and iconic landmark of Route 66 was born – Cadillac Ranch. An art group known as the Ant Farm were commissioned to produce a piece of public art and they opted to demonstrate the evolution of the tail fin of the Cadillac. Thus, ten Cadillac’s were half-buried, nose down, in the dirt.

Although Cadillac Ranch is visible from the road it requires just a short walk through the field on which it’s built for a closer look. It’s become an ever-changing work of art as visitors to the site are permitted to bring paint and pens and add their own colourful flourishes. This wasn’t always the case but as the original vehicles were subjected to defacement the artists moved from tolerance to actively encouraging it. Every so often the Caddies are repainted as fresh “canvasses” and the process starts all over again!

These ten up-ended Cadillacs have appeared in numerous music videos and TV shows including the video for “Living in America” by James Brown, and in the movie “Cars” under the guise of the “Cadillac Range”.

It’s an interesting thought that these cars have now spent longer buried nose down in the dirt than they ever did cruising the roads of Route 66!

Free of charge and open 24/7, this is such a Route 66 icon it would have to be in every drivers itinerary.


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